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This online proofing system was created to give our customers a convenient way to approve the soft proof that was delivered to you. Fill in the required fields and submit this Approval form to our message center. We will then let you know that your Proof Approval has been received and if we have any questions we will contact you.

After examining your proof carefully, make any corrections to the needed pages and resubmit corrected pages. If you’ve submitted PDFs then it would be best that you make the changes and submit the new pages. If you’ve submitted native files, then we could possibly make a limited amount of changes. If changes are excessive, additional charges may occur. Indicate any changes in the section below, please be as descriptive as possible.

Status of Soft Proof:
How will the changes get made?
Do you want us to provide another proof?

This proof has been submitted to you to ensure the accuracy of your printed project. You the customer are responsible for ensuring the complete accuracy of this proof. After signing this Proof Approval Form, you are responsible for any errors or omissions not indicated at this time.

I understand and accept that changes may result in additional charges.